My Usborne Journey

My name is Amanda, and I am a stay-at-home mom of four children. I started buying Usborne books in 2003, then joined the company in 2006 simply to buy the books for my friends and family at cost. I figured I was buying so many, I might as well sign up and get always get a discount.

A week later I had a box full of wonderful books that I spent hours reading myself and reading to my children. When I got around to reading the consultant guide and seeing all I could do with the business I decided getting out of the house some wasn't such a bad idea.

I had no aspirations to ever encourage anyone else to join Usborne, no goal to promote. I was doing this for myself and didn't want to "bother" anyone else about it. Well, after someone actually asked me if they could sign up, I realized that I withholding a wonderful opportunity and started to share the business with others. By April 2007 I had promoted to supervisor.

I live in a very small, rural town and never dreamed that I could do so much with my business. Families, preschools and schools have loved the books and before I knew it I truly had a thriving business and a growing team. I won four national awards including New Consultant of the Year Honorable Mention in 2007 and New Supervisor of the Year, Honorable Mention 2008. I was also able to earn my dream trip of a seven day cruise to Alaska for two and a trip to Rome for one!

Life has definitely been a roller coaster for me, but I keep doing this because I love the books and I love knowing that I make a difference in the lives of children! I feel so strongly about parents reading to their children, know the impact that has on their development both mentally and emotionally, that I keep doing what I do.

My other interest include blogging and photography. Please feel free to stop by my personal blog, Moving Forward.