The Usborne Opportunity

About Usborne Books:
Usborne Books and More (UBAM) is a division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC) and provides individuals the ability to sell these award winning books as an independent consultant. You can be a wholesale buyer, a hobbiest, work part-time or full-time, which ever suits your life best.
Why Usborne Books?
  • Great books over 1,400 titles to choose from
  • Reasonable prices-80% of our titles are priced under $10
  • Promote literacy and education
  • No need to maintain an inventory -orders come within a week
  • New products come out four times a year; new catalogs come out twice a year
What is the starter kit special this month?

October's kit special is amazing! Start this month for just $49 and free shipping! Click here to go to my online store and then click on Income Opportunities to see the books in the kit.

What Usborne Books has done for me (and can do for you):
  • Extra income
  • More self confidence
  • Books for my family
  • Trip of a lifetime
  • Job satisfaction
  • New friends

What Does a Consultant Do?
Consultants get off to a great start with fun and informal Home Shows! All it takes is sending out a few invitations, greeting the friends and family of your hostess and displaying these amazing books! After demonstrating their unique qualities and educational value, sit back and watch our books capture the imagination and hearts of each guest.
There are six ways you can sell Usborne Books. To read about those marketing programs we have click here.

How Much Does a Consultant Make?
Your monthly income is directly correlated to how much time you invest in growing your business. A new consultant averages $75-$125 per home show. Multiply that by the number of days you are willing to work per month for a good estimate of your income. You earn 25% commission on a home show for investing a couple of hours socializing with other adults and helping them find the right books for their children.
To see our commission structure, click here.

How does someone join Usborne Books and More?
To sign up to be a consultant with Usborne Books, you simply fill out the Consultant Agreement online or you can call or email me and I can help you get signed up.

Are there quotas or minimums to meet?
When you join Usborne Books and More you simply agree to sell (or buy in the case of a wholesale buyer-consultant) $85 net in your first 12 weeks. After that you don't have any obligations. There are no minimums or quotas to stay active. If you want to place an order three times a year, that is absolutely fine. No reactivation fees - ever!

Usborne helps you get off to a great start!

Your first twelve weeks with Usborne Books is called your incentive period. During this time you can earn free and discounted books and cash. The One-step-at-a-Time program is designed to reward you for sales and enable to enhance your display samples.