Our Matching Grant Program

Literacy for a Lifetime

Literacy for a Lifetime is a partnership that aligns Educational Development Corporation/Usborne Books with government agencies, local businesses and individuals to benefit local schools, libraries and organizations. Literacy for a Lifetime offers a 50% matching grant in books for every dollar raised through grant funding or corporate or individual gifts.

For example, a $1000 donation is matched with an additional $500 and the organization receives $1500 in educational materials selected from our more than 1,300 educational titles. Schools with Reading First or Title 1 grants are able to get 50% more in books plus free shipping!

Organizations that have used Literacy for a Lifetime:

  • Daycares (First Step grants)
  • Churches (donating to various groups)
  • Schools (for class rooms or Media Centers)
  • Hospitals (for giveaways or for children's rooms)
  • Businesses (donating books)

If you have questions on how Literacy for a Lifetime can be used by your organization, please contact me.