Book Fairs for Schools and Organizations

Raise Money and Kids' Reading Levels

The Usborne "Reading Is A Gift" book fair program was developed by Usborne Books to encourage reading and at the same time, raise money and/or free books for your school or organization. We understand the needs and challenges faced by organizations trying to raise funds so we've designed the program to make it both easy on sponsors and successful in reaching your fundraising goals!

With the FREE book and/or cash incentives that are in place for each book fair sponsor, your fundraising options are as easy as 1, 2, 3:
  1. Cash - fund special projects, teacher resources or extras for your students
  2. Money and books - provides the sponsor with cash and FREE books for the library
  3. FREE books - Up to 50% of retail sales in free books
Reading is a Gift Book Fairs are Hassle-free

An Usborne educational consultant will literally take you by the hand and walk you through a fund-raising and mind-enriching event where there are two winners - your students and your school! All of the Usborne "Reading Is A Gift" book fair promotional materials are provided by the consultant to help make your event a huge success.

Usborne Books Creates A Fundraiser That Keeps On Giving

The Usborne family of books is internationally acclaimed as the finest educational children's book line-up in the marketplace today. Usborne offers over 1,300 fiction and non-fiction titles that inspire, enthrall and teach your students through reading. Is there a better gift to give than the gift of reading? There's no better gift for your school or organization than an Usborne "Reading Is A Gift" book fair event that promotes reading and pays you back in FREE books and/or cash.