About Usborne Today

Who is behind Usborne Today?
My name is Amanda and I am a homeschooling, work-at-home mom raising four children, ages 11 to almost 4, three sons and one daughter. I live in rural South Carolina, on a farm surrounded by cows. I have two hobbies: blogging and photography.

How old is Usborne Today?
I started with Usborne in the spring of 2006, when my children were 7, 5, 2 an 7 months. I promoted to supervisor by spring of 2007. In February of 2008 I created a site for my business, calling it Usborne Today. Read my journey with Usborne Books.

What has Usborne done for my family?
My Usborne Books business has allowed me to build awesome libraries for each of my children. Their faces light up each time I give them a new book or Kid Kit and my heart swells to see their smiles.

Many of the booths I do for Usborne Books are at educational and fun events such as tractor or horse shows and I can take my family for free. My children have learned so much about various things, as well as a little about the business. My older childre are starting to develop business skills by helping to give change, bag books and also helping customers pick out books.

Also, my husband and I were able to take our dream trip of a cruise to Alaska in May of 2008. I earned a trip to Rome for one, but my dad died that week and I did not go. It is my goal to earn a trip next year and take my whole family on it.